How to use Milestones to tell your story on Facebook

social media consultant using Facebook

We all love following our friends and the important moments that happen in their lives. This is what defines Facebook.  It is not only a way of checking in with our friends and their current activities but also their life events, such as birthdays, weddings and employment. It is also [...] Read more »

You’re in Business. Do you need to Worry about Networking?

social media consultant at networking event

Being a small business owner is the ultimate in having control of your own destiny and creating a work/life balance, that nine to fivers respect and envy. However, this nirvana doesn’t happen overnight and deciding to become a small business owner usually means, trying to build an empire from scratch, [...] Read more »

How to Promote an Event on Social Media like a S.T.A.R.

socila media consultant promoting WA Indian Festival

Marketing an event through Social Media requires developing a good plan and then executing it with precision. At a recent event, the team from Social Media Business Boosters WA ensured that visitors were lining up at the gate.  This is how we did it,  using a S.T.A.R analysis, which stands [...] Read more »

It’s a W.R.a.P. A Small Business Expo with a Difference

social media consultant small business expo gosnells

The City of Gosnells is serious about its economic profile. To help with the continued growth of the sector they went all out to make the 2014 Small Business Expo a success and I was there.   The first rain in over three months, via a storm that had knocked [...] Read more »

The 6 ePrinciples of Running a Successful Small Business

David Udy - Social Media Consultant

Running a small business is hard and at times you may question your motives for committing yourself in the first place.  It’s even harder without a plan to keep, not only your business but yourself, in top shape and ready for the challenges that may await. Vincent Brown is an [...] Read more »

7 Reasons Why Social Media is Good for Your Business

social-media like small

It’s important for small business owners to effectively make use of their limited resources.  Should social media be part of your marketing mix, if you are trying to increase engagement with your customers? This week I was meeting with an active local small business networking group and was asked to [...] Read more »

Want to Improve your Social Media Presence?…a Digital Health Check will help

digital health check doctor

When you are not feeling well you visit the doctor for a check-up.  Where do you go if your Social Media is less active than a koala on a hot day? Where do you go if your Social Media is marginally more active than a koala on a hot day? [...] Read more »

Social Media in Action – Major Fire in Perth as told via Twitter

What is Twitter

If you are new to Twitter, this is an example of how it works. The temperature hit 44 degrees C in Perth on Saturday 11th January and a total fire ban was in place.  The city braced itself with fire conditions at their devastating  worst. Just before midday a triple [...] Read more »