How to install google analytics in WordPress

How to install google analytics in WordPress

Google analytics, WordPress is a very famous platform of website designing. There are a lot of features of WordPress which make WordPress useful and easy. Plugins are most important part of WordPress.

Plugins give worth to WordPress because without having any coding knowledge. We can easily create a website and easily modify website in very short time because o a just plugin.

With the help of plugins, we can easily create and modify the website. So today we will talk about a plugin which uses for google analytics. We will know how to install google analytics plugin and how to use.

I will explain step by step that how to install google analytics plugin and use. First, we go to plugins and click on add new. After that new windows open and there is an option in right-hand side “search plugin”  you can see in the screenshot.

worpress plugin screen shot


In search bar type better analytics and you will get many plugins in search result, we will choose the first one “Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights”


after installation click on active and you will see Insight option in a bottom of left-hand side menu, installation complete. Now go to and create analytics account for your website. I have mentioned all direction of creating google analytics account in my video. which can easily understand by anyone no matter he knows a

which can easily understand by anyone no matter he knows a Hindi language or not direction are easy and can be understood by watching a video.

Settings of plugin

Now come back to WordPress dashboard and click on Insights which shows in bottom of left-hand side menu



go to settings and click authenticate your Google Analytics account. A new popup windows open click on next after this it will ask for ENTER GOOGLE CODE now click to get google code

wordpress screen shot

new popup window open ask to sign in your google analytics account. After signing in click on allow and you will get a code. now paste that code in insight blank column and click on next. Now its done and you can go to insight and see a report of your website.

Analytics Report

A report will give you full information of all activities done on your website. It will give you information about traffic source, clicks on an everyday session, geographical locations and some more things.

Now have done with your google analytics plugin and now can get every hour report of your website. Now you can improve your website according to analytics report

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