How to create google adwords ad campaign

 How to create Google AdWords ads campaign

This is an easy and short step by step Hindi video tutorial and step by step English guide of How to create Google AdWords ad campaign, Google AdWords is the biggest search engine in the world.

So it is a very important platform for an internet or online advertising. Research says that more than 75% people use Google search engine for searches on PC and mobile. So it become very important to understand that how to give ads on a google search engine. This is a short guide with full information of How to create google adwords ad campaign.

First of all, we need a Google login account which is mostly people have because of using Gmail. The main thing is that we have to use a single or same google account id in all accounts like analytics account, AdSense account, Gmail account and AdWords account. Using different account id in different platforms of Google may create a problem so avoid this little mistake before starting.

How to create google adwords ad campaign

How to create Google AdWords ad campaign

Very first step is to go on Google AdWords and login in your AdWords account. Give a name of your campaign and in next field select all features after this select the countries and cities where you want to show your ads. Next select language which you want to use.

After this select bid strategy, this field should be automatic. Because Google is fair enough and it decides the bid amount according to need because bid rates go up and down. So Google automatically decides the amount of bid according to the time. Next select budget that how much money you want to spend on your ads daily. after this click Save and continue.

Now you can create many ad groups in one ad campaign. We will discuss it later when we create an advanced level campaign right now you just focus on a basic level. Create an ad group name or leave it as it is you will understand what is ad group after completing the campaign.

Now you have to create an ad for your company the very first line is H1 (heading one). Here you have to give the main keyword of your ads and in the second  H2 (headline 2 column) give information about your company. After this leave the next field as it is and fill the description column.

Give a wonderful informative text there which tell about your business, products, services and offers. after this the most important field comes here you have to select keywords for your business. By keeping in mind that your ads only show to those people who type your selected keyword in Google search engine. Give 15 to 20 keywords related to your business.

After this click on save and continue and go to next page that contains billing information fill your billing information there or click on cancel to see your ad campaign. A campaign is completed if you fill the billing information than you can run your ad.

Everything is available live in my given video if you get stuck anywhere watch my video. You will get the solution rather you know Hindi language or not. Because I have given all instruction written in an english language you can easily understand video after reading this instruction.


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