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  • Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a process of promotion product or service on the internet via electronic media. It is a widest and fastest growing market in the world.The digital market is the only market which opens 24/7 days. The digital market is the only market where anyone can reach easily and quickly. Your business can be seen everywhere from the world by using ad campaign. You can expand your brand awareness by making a website which gives full information of your product.

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  • Why digital marketing?

Sellers have so many benefits in digital marketing. Sellers do not need any physical structure like showroom or shop to sell products. your brand shows with other big brands so why do so many efforts to promote brand awareness to compete with other brands and no need to spend money, time, like in traditional marketing. Every seller has a very big market and the huge audience for his product. The Larger amount of buyers means the higher sale.

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  • Benefits of digital marketing for seller

A seller can get a very fast response by using digital market. In digital marketing, it is possible to know how many people show interest in a product by engaging in product advertise. The digital market provides an opportunity to retarget your existing customer by sending emails of other product.  You can see the numbers of visitors to your site and its subscribers increase, peak trading times, conversion rates and much more at the touch of a button. This is impossible in traditional marketing. So seller can easily know that which types of people like the product, the seller can know the place where the product is being liked more, and he can know the age gender of customers. This helps in targeting relevant people at a very low cost and increase sale which is not possible in the traditional market.

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  • Digital Marketing Benefits for buyer

In digital market, buyers get the wide range of products without searching different store. It saves their time, money, efforts to find the relevant product. Buyers can see product reviews of other users which make easy to take a decision to buy or not to buy. Customer’s biggest benefit is that he can easily and quickly compare between different brand products. Which are not so easy and quick in tradition marketing. The buyer gets his product by sitting at home.

The Internet also makes easy to find a job by sitting at home by uploading his resume on different types of job portal websites. This is a very good option for those also who are doing a job and without wasting time searching for better opportunity also.

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  • Email marketing

In the digital marketing, we can maintain the relationship with customers with the help of online activities. The only digital market gives us an opportunity to approach customer directly and interaction personally by sending the email. Which start with customer name, for example, Hi, John thanks for buying our product. we are happy to serve you and to many things. In digitized marketing, you can easily re-target the customers sending them the email. Regarding upgrades of product and related products information by giving them time to time offers to existing customer.

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  • Social media

One of the best Digital marketing platforms is social media. Which is a very common topic today most people spend their time on social media sites. So this platform is also a very huge and good for marketing in a digital way. You can also promote your business in very quick time and at very low cost. And you can also target your audience at very niche level because of platforms like Facebook.

Facebook gives a variety of options to target your audience at very accurate level. You can target your audience by their location, by their gender; by their language like in India you can also target those peoples who speak different Indian languages for example. Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi etc. This is not even possible in the world biggest search engine Google AdWords.  This makes Facebook a very relevant platform for targeting your audience. In Facebook, you can even target the person who belongs from a particular college or company. So this feature makes Facebook a unique platform to targeting relevant audience for your product or service.

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  • Easy to reach

The digital market is the only market where you can reach anytime from anywhere in today’s world internet is a very hot topic. Mostly people use the internet for the different reason, Nowadays it is very easy and handy to reach the internet because of smartphone, mobiles, tablets, laptops. Anyone can use the internet whenever they want.

This gives a big boom to digital marketing because this gives freedom to the buyers to buy anything from anywhere. People can buy any product or service while traveling, people can see you advertise on their social media site. Again it gives you a brand awareness also.It makes you a brand by showing your product with other big brands.

So the conclusion is Digital marketing is very beneficial to all no matter seller or buyer. Both get different advantages according to their needs.


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