Do follow backlinks

  • How to create do follow backlinks

Do follow backlinks is a very important part of off page optimization because when anyone search on google the google bots or google spider go to different websites and read their data if we have backlink from that website bots also read our do follow backlinks and after finding our do follow links google bots decide to rank of our website. We can create do follow backlinks by these methods.

  • Comment posting
  • Guest posting
  • Directory submission


Comment posting

In comment posting what we do we go to different relevant blogs and read their article and in comment box we comment on their article and submit our name, email and website domain. The thing is that we don’t have to comment on that article website URL posting column are not available. Below I will show you a screen shot of comment posting and their important fields where we have to submit our website domain.

comment posting


Only those blogs give backlink which has these three fields which are 1. name

1. Name column

2. Email address column

3. Website URL column

In comment column, you have to write at least 3 line comment with relevant words to the article. In name column, you write your name and in email column, you give your business email address and in website URL column you give your website or domain name. After filling these field you will get a backlink.

Guest posting

In guest posting you need to go to different guest posting sites and submit your article to public and give your website domain at end of answer and there is one more way to get quality backlinks is you need to go to different websites which are specially published for question and answer and give answer of different question of people and write your domain at the end of your answer.

Directory submission

In directory submission you simply go to your web browser and type directory submission sites you will get a lot of website in search result, choose according to your need and after opening website you will get a list of websites where you can submit your website link open one by one all sites and fill all the require fields and submit your link

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