Facebook Optimization

FaceBook Optimization

Nowadays social media websites have tons of traffic on the internet, Social media sites have a lot of traffic around the world there are too many famous social media websites like facebook, twitter, linked in, google+ etc.

But facebook is the biggest platform of social media according to analytics facebook ranks on number 1 which means facebook is the biggest traffic source on internet. According to alexa.com facebook rank on number 3 in global ranking and also in us.

according to country wise traffic come to the facebook from different countries are

1. United states 

23.5% traffic come to facebook from united states.

2. India

5.0% traffic comes from India.

3. United kingdom

4.4% traffic comes from united kingdom and so on

fb geo.PNG

SO it is very important to think about Facebook because by using Facebook we can divert a lot of traffic to our sites. Facebook popularity may give us a lot of business if we use it in a right manner. Here is another chart which shows which shows what sites linked to Facebook

site link.PNG

These all sites are very popular and have very high DA and these sites connected to facebook so you can imagine that having backlinks from respected websites are very useful and these backlinks worths a lot, these all sites are respected sites and the backlinks comes from these sites are also have respect in eyes of google, which is very beneficial for our website, By using facebook we can boost our website or our business very easily if we have enough optimized facebook according to our need.

we can also use alexa.com to see that what type of audience come to facebook and it make easy for us to target those people who can give us a business

fb visitor.PNG

Now here is a clear picture of facebook users now we can easily make a strategy for our business according to these reading, It gives us an awareness that what types, gender, age people come to facebook now we can easily create a campaign to target our audienceThese are some factors which tell us that we should use facebook for our business and for our seo strategy. That is why I create a short video tutorial about how to optimize face according to our business needs.

In this video I mention everything steps by step which make tutorial easy to understand, I try my best to make the video which can understand by anyone easily.

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