How to monetize website with google adsense

How to paste Google Adsense confirmation code in website

In this video, I will describe you that how to paste Google Adsense verification code in our website.

This a simple method, first of all, we have to create Google Adsense account and after creating Google Adsense account, AdSense account generates a verification code and ask to paste that code in our website header just after <HEAD> tag.

So open your WordPress dashboard go to Appearance and click on an editor to display your PHP files select the header PHP files and look for <head> tag and paste your code that’s it you have done.

And another method is use plugin which name is “insert header and footer” and paste your code in the header and after that save it is a very simple method which doesn’t need any coding knowledge, WordPress biggest advantage is that you can use the plugin and modify your website or create your website without having any coding knowledge.

Monetize your website or blog with Google Adsense for extra income. Before monetizing your website read term and condition carefully somehow Adsense is very strict, so follow all the policies of sense otherwise if your website reject by Google Adsense you will get another chance after 6 months so be careful while monetizing

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