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  • On page Optimization ( SEO)

Today in this post I will explain about on page optimization. Website SEO is divided into two parts



Today we will discuss on page optimization and in next post, we will discuss off page optimization, In on page optimization, there are two steps one is content optimization which we have already discuss in our earlier post seo in just 17 minutes. Now we will talk about page optimization in page optimization we optimize images of our page, we give the title of our post, we give slug, we give meta description, we give focus keyword.

Image optimization 

It’s important to use images related to the text of the article. This is mainly from a user experience point of you, as you don’t want to baffle people with an obtuse choice of image. Your images need to be of a good quality, in the correct aspect ration, with good resolution and of a size large enough to be visible across devices.

Google image search – usage rights

When you search for an image, you can filter out the results that are copyrighted. Just click on Search Tools, then Usage Rights and select Labeled for Reuse.

·        Title

After image optimization we give the title to our site, a title is a very important part of our web page because the title is a thing which shows in google search engine when anyone searches your website in google so it must be very clear to understand and it should be your primary keyword.

·         Slug

Slug is a short name of your website. It is easy to understand that what should be your slug for your website.

·         Meta Description (tags)

Meta description is also a very important part of web page because in meta description we write keywords of our website for eg. I am a digital marketer than in meta description i will write my services which in provide to my customers like my keyword is digital marketing, social media marketing, website designing, SEO, keyword research etc in meta description you will give your website information if you are selling products then you will give your products name or if you are providing services then you will write your services there. Because when anyone searches on google then google bots come to your website and star reading your website. After reading meta description google bots decide the rank of your website. That is why be careful here.

·         Focus keyword

The focus keyword is the keyword that you want your page to rank for, so when people search for that keyword, they’ll find you. In Yoast SEO it has its own input field. The plugin evaluates the page’s content and provides feedback on how to improve the content for that focus keyword. In simple language, focus keyword represents your website.

So guys here I explain you basic and necessary steps of page optimization, These are the pillar of on page SEO after that you have to decide how beautiful structure you have to create on this pillar. I can only tell you the base of SEO no one can tell you an everything about any type of SEO. This is something which you have to do yourself by researching more and more.

Guys i don’t write essay on anything I just write the main and compulsory point of anything because no one want to read a huge content everyone want to know many things in few words that are why instead of writing a huge content I always create a video on that topic which gives you huge knowledge without reading so many things and video gives you a knowledge as well as practical information too. Now today topic is over if you have any question you can contact me without any hesitation and in my next post, I will tell you about off page optimization with a clear video which will give you enough knowledge of the topic.


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