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What is SEO

 SEO guide for beginners In this post, I will tell you how to optimize your content for SEO. Content is a King, content is a king of digital marketing because content provides information about your product or service which you are promoting on a website, that is why content must be unique and fresh means never copy content from an already publish websites other goggles will detect your content and give you a penalty. the penalty means you will never rank in google and second thing your content must be fresh means up to date. Your content must be very easy to read and divide your content into several paragraphs. A sentence must be up to 10-12 words only and try to keep paragraph up to 70-80 words. Always use “bullet points” to mention your steps it gives a lot of value to your content for SEO.

Make your content decorative by following these steps SEO guide for beginners

 SEO guide for beginners

Content decorations

  • Divide your entire content into several paragraphs.
  • Try to keep it only up to 70-80 words on each paragraph.
  • Always use “Bullet Points” to mention your steps of your contents. It gives a lot of value to your content for SEO. Lot means Lot.
  • First Paragraph must start with a Headline which will get a tag of “H1”


 SEO guide for beginners Always use correct and easy English by following these tips

Correct language

  • Use always correct grammar.
  • Avoid spelling errors.
  • No unnecessary punctuation marks.
  • No color fonts and excessive capitalization

always use a right keyword for your content because without keywords SEO never happens, keep 3 things in your mind about the keyword.

 SEO guide for beginners

 SEO guide for beginners

  1. Always use high-density keywords, always use 1% to 2.5% primary keyword in your whole content.
  2. Be careful about keyword placements means your primary keyword should be at right place means that your first paragraph should star with headline 1 and that should be your primary keyword. for eg. my primary keyword is digital marketing then my headline should contain digital marketing and second thing is your first paragraph of your post must have primary keyword in the first line of sentence and after that every paragraph must contain your primary keyword at least one time no matter in which line of paragraph you can write your primary keyword anywhere in the whole paragraph.
  3. Always use your primary keyword in a different manner, never write the same word again and again for eg. your keyword is digital marketing. Don’t write word digital marketing again and again instead of it use it in different ways like digitalised marketing, nowadays marketing become digital and be careful that there should be not a long gap between your primary keyword like you write DIGITAL in starting of a paragraph and writing MARKETING in after 2 lines. So it’s clear you have to write your primary keyword in a different manner without giving a long distance in between.

Now it is enough your content is optimized now this an  SEO guide for beginners

Now here is an English version of this video of  SEO guide for beginners


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